New FNM Format for February at Gamers Guild!!!

Friday Night Magic Draft

Special Format February

6 Round Event

Best of 1 Matches

20 Minute Time Limit Per Round

1 Free Mulligan Per Game


6 Wins: 5 packs
5 Wins: 4 packs
4 Wins: 3 packs
3 Wins: 2 packs
2 Wins: 1 pack
Top 4/8: FNM Promo

24+ Players = Top 8 Bonus

1st +5 packs
2nd +3 packs
3rd-4th +2 packs
5th-8th +1 pack

Important Note:

Due to the success of our Magic events, Wizards of the Coast asked Gamers Guild to participate
in this experimental format. It should be fast and fun. Unless otherwise posted we will return
to our normal FNM Draft format/support in March. We hope everyone comes out and gives this
a try and gives us honest feedback as to the pros and cons so we can better inform WotC.