Announcing our Wizard Play Network Qualifier!

Wizards Play Network Qualifier

Saturday, November 2nd

Registration: 10:00am

Event Begins: 12:00pm

Standard Format

$40 Entry

Swiss Rounds w/ Top 8 playoff

Deck Registration Required

Competitive REL


1st Place: $800 + Player Tour Invite + Arcbound Ravager Promo

2nd Place: $400 + Arcbound Ravager Promo

3rd-4th Place: $200 + Arcbound Ravager Promo

5th-8th Place: $100 + Arcbound Ravager Promo

9th-32nd Place: Arcbound Ravger Promo

The winner’s purse is intended to help the player travel to the Player Tour event in 2020.
It is not guaranteed to cover all costs.