10-14 through 10-20

October 14th to October 20th

Important Notes:

Calling all Brawl players! ( The Magic variety )
We had 10 players for last week’s Brawl event.
Can we build upon that number and push it to 12 or more?
Hope to see you all out here!

The upcoming SCG IQ Schedule is set:

WPNQ set for November 2nd! 2k cash payout!
CFG had 41 players at their WPNQ and I know we can top that!
Get those Standard decks tuned up and make a plan to attend
the most lucrative event of the season!

Fayetteville Comic Con is this weekend!
We will be vending, running board games and demos!
If you are there stop by and say hi!

Heroclix will be taking the weekend off.
Most of the players will be working the convention.


@6:00pm Board Game Night


@7:00PM $8 Magic Throne Draft


@6:00pm FREE Transformers Tournament

@6pm-9pm Gamers Guild Board Game Night


@7:00pm $5 Brawl 1v1 Event
{Multiplayer Top 4}

@6:00pm Warhammer 40k Meet Up
@6:00pm Warmahordes Meet Up

@7:00 pm $12 FNM Throne Draft!
@7:00pm $5 FNM Modern!
@7:00pm FREE FNM Standard


@5:00pm Commander League

@6:00pm Board Game Night


@1:00pm Age of Sigmar Meet Up

@2:00pm FREE Magic Standard Event

@3:00pm Pokemon Meet Up