10-28 to 11-3 (feat. WPNQ!!!)

October 28th to November 3rd

Important Notes:

Our first WPNQ is this weekend!
$40 entry for a $2,000 pay out and the winner earns a spot at the first player tour event!
Standard format.
Rally everyone you can for this event. It is a big deal for us.
We definitely want to exceed the 41 players CFG had at theirs a couple of weeks ago!

About that Pioneer format….
So we are going to try and make our first official event happen at 7:00pm this Saturday.
This should be right as the WPNQ is winding down and in the middle of Commander.
Maybe not the ideal spot but we are going to give it a shot anyway.

Calling all Brawl players! ( The Magic variety )
Brawl Deck restock is coming this week.
Help us keep the format growing on Thursdays!

The upcoming SCG IQ Schedule is set:


@6:00pm Board Game Night


@7:00PM $8 Magic Throne Draft


@6:00pm Transformers Meet Up

@6pm-9pm Gamers Guild Board Game Night


@7:00pm $5 Brawl 1v1 Event
{Multiplayer Top 4}

@6:00pm Warhammer 40k Meet Up
@6:00pm Warmahordes Meet Up

@7:00 pm $12 FNM Throne Draft!
@7:00pm $5 FNM Modern!
@7:00pm FREE FNM Standard

@12:00pm Magic WPNQ 2k

@5:00pm Commander League

@6:00pm Board Game Night

@7:00pm Magic $5 Pioneer Event


@1:00pm $10 Smash Bros. Tournament
{Registration 1:00pm to 2:00pm}

@1:00pm Age of Sigmar Meet Up

@2:00pm Heroclix TBD

@2:00pm FREE Magic Standard Event

@3:00pm Pokemon Meet Up