11-18 to 11-24 (feat. SCG IQ)

November 18th to November 24th

Important Notes:

We will be running another Pioneer event Saturday at 7.
This will be the weekly slot for the time being.

Saturday will also feature our SCG IQ (Standard) at Noon.
$35 Entry for a 1k payout to Top 8. New Standard Bans in effect.

Speaking of which, how about those bans?
Now banned in Standard: Oko, Thief of Crowns, Veil of Summer, and Once Upon a Time.

This Friday at our FREE FNM Standard event would be a great time to test something new for Saturday’s IQ!

We are also running a FREE Standard event on Thursday night at 7 as well this week to give folks some extra practice time.
Need 8 to fire the event but any playtesting time could be important.

The upcoming SCG IQ Schedule is set:

Age of Sigmar kicked off a new Escalation League this past Sunday.
17 players joined so far but more can anytime.
The first session is two weeks long at 600pts.
Sign up in the shop and receive your participation info!


@6:00pm Board Game Night


@7:00PM $8 Magic Throne Draft


@6:00pm Transformers Meet Up

@6pm-9pm Gamers Guild Board Game Night


@7:00pm FREE Standard Event
(This extra event is so people can have another competitive practice session before the IQ after the bans)
(Take advantage, as always this FREE event will be supported with packs)

@7:00pm $5 Brawl 1v1 Event
{Multiplayer Top 4}

@6:00pm Warhammer 40k Meet Up
@6:00pm Warmahordes Meet Up

@7:00 pm $12 FNM Throne Draft!
@7:00pm $5 FNM Modern!
@7:00pm FREE FNM Standard


@12:00pm $35 SCG IQ (Standard)

@5:00pm Commander League

@6:00pm Board Game Night

@7:00pm Magic $5 Pioneer Event


@1:00pm Age of Sigmar Escalation League 600pts

@2:00pm Heroclix TBD

@2:00pm FREE Magic Standard Event

@3:00pm Pokemon Meet Up