November 25th to December 1st

November 25th to Decemeber 1st

Important Notes:

We will be closed Thanksgiving Day.

All other days will operate normal hours.

We will be posting Black Friday weekend sales info by Wednesday.
Hope you can come in this weekend and take advantage!

Our latest SCG IQ went smoothly after the ban trifecta this past week.
There were a lot of interesting decks. We will post a link to the Top 8 lists when SCG puts them up.
Thanks for everyone that came out and congrats to Jibri Thomas and Daniel Couture for their top 2 performances.

All of our FNMs had a strong week and we hope the holiday gives all the folks still in town some time to play this Friday.

Pioneer is firing on Saturdays but we could always use more players. Check it out at 7pm.

The upcoming SCG IQ Schedule is set:

The next WPNQ is Standard and will be February 8th!

Our Age of Sigmar Escalation League is at 18 players and had a ton of games going on Sunday.
There is still time to sign up and get your first games played by the 30th.

Id also like to make special mention of the multitude of RPG groups meeting at GG.
One of the main reasons we made our move last year was to give RPG players more space to do their thing
and we couldn’t be happier with the response. So many games of D&D, Pathfinder, and more are getting played
and it’s awesome. If you haven’t joined our FB group NC Gamers Guild RPG you should. It is a great resource
for connecting players and finding games.


@6:00pm Board Game Night


@7:00PM $8 Magic Throne Draft


@6:00pm Transformers Meet Up

@6pm-9pm Gamers Guild Board Game Night



@6:00pm Warhammer 40k Meet Up
@6:00pm Warmahordes Meet Up

@7:00 pm $12 FNM Throne Draft!
@7:00pm $5 FNM Modern!
@7:00pm FREE FNM Standard


@12:00pm $5 Magic Vintage Cube Draft
*limited to 16 players*

@5:00pm Commander League

@6:00pm Board Game Night

@7:00pm Magic $5 Pioneer Event


@1:00pm Age of Sigmar Escalation League 600pts

@2:00pm Heroclix Meet Up

@2:00pm FREE Magic Standard Event

@3:00pm Pokemon Meet Up

@3:00pm Dragon Ball Super Meet Up