Theros Prerelease Weekend wrap up!

Theros Beyond Death Pre-Release

Theros Prerelease weekend has come and gone and it was awesome!

Friday saw 100 players come out for their first shot at playing with new staple like Haktos, Heliod, Uro, Thassa, and more!

Saturday topped that insane total with 102 players ready for 7 rounds of play!
Ultimately, Double Haktos and Gruul split top 2! White featured heavily with it being in 7 of the top 8 decks!

Sunday saw 64 players compete for 6 rounds.

We also fired off a second chance event with 34 more players not ready for the weekend to end!

We pre-sold 90 boxes of boosters and 2 collector booster boxes!
That left 30 regular boxes and 8 collector booster boxes for sell during the weekend.
Before the end of Friday ALL of those boxes were sold. Crazy stuff.

We will have a ton of everything in stock this Friday and we ready for Release Weekend!

Thanks to everyone that spent time with us this weekend! You are the best!