WPNQ #2 is in the books! Sultai Ramp reigns

Gamers Guild hosted our second WPNQ Player Tour Qualifier on Febuary 8th!

48 players attended (a whopping 29 local + 2 Honorary Locals)!

After 6 competitive rounds of play we cut to top 8 featuring:

Joshua Wells (Sultai Ramp)
Charlie Finnegan (Mono Red)
Jibri Thomas (Mono Black)
David Zhou (UW Control)
Michael Braverman (Mono Red)
Brandon Lobrecht (UW Control)
Clarence Dews (UW COntrol)
Dwaine Foster (Mono Red)

In the end Sultai Ramp beat Mono Red in the finals and Joshua Wells earned his spot at the next Player’s Tour event!

Our next WPNQ event is May 30th!

Upcoming SCG IQs (ALL STANDARD): 2-29, 3-21, 4-11

Don’t miss our Premium WVP event next week on 2-15!