Two New FNM at Home events for Arena!

Friday Night Magic at Home

Announcing Two new ways to enjoy FNM with Gamers Guild!

First, join our discord page so you can get in on all the action!

FNM at Home on Arena

FULL Details here:

Event Summary:

Play in as many matches as you want each Friday.

Screen Shot your event page and post it in our designated area in our discord.

While supplies last, GG will message you with a special code redeemable for cool Arena sleeves.

Gamers Guild presents

Standard FNM Arena!

{Special Note: This type of event is a work in progress. We appreciate everyone’s patience while we figure out what works best at this time. Event structure, dates, times, and prizing may be fluid as we better understand this process}

How to play:

FREE Entry – 4 rounds – Best of 3 games

Register in our designated area on our discord Friday from 3:00pm to 6:30pm

First Round Pairings will go up as close to 7:00pm as possible.

Find your match and play!

Report your results at the end of each 3 game match.

Wait for the next round of pairings.
If you wish to drop please report it at the end of match.

Records will be final and posted after 4 rounds of play.

4-0 3x Theros Beyond Death Boosters + Premium Promo Booster
3-1 2x Theros Beyond Death Boosters + Promo Booster

**Prizes can be redeemed at Gamers Guild while they remain open, picked up curb side, or saved until normal business resumes.