How to get the new MTG Secret Lair at Gamers Guild?

Fetchlands Secret Lair

Many of you have been asking about the upcoming secret lair drop coming to WPN stores in May (29th assuming pandemic issues do not delay it) featuring fetch lands.

We finally received word on our allocation and an estimated price. Based on distributor cost Id estimate this product essentially having an MSRP of $200 if WotC still used MSRP.

Gamers Guild will be pricing them at $160 after discount.

Based on our awesome metrics accumulated through event participation from our players Gamers Guild will be getting 30 copies of this secret lair!

That is three times more than we expected but the demand is going to be really high.

In order to fairly distribute them, we will be doing a lottery.

Comment on the secret lair post on our NC Gamers Guild group page to confirm your entry into the lottery.

One entry per person.

If you are not a member, you totally should be!

Visit us and request an add:

Good luck and thanks for playing!