Core Set 2021 Update

Core Set 2021

Just to clear up any confusion:

Core Set 2021 releases Friday, July 3rd.

Prerelease Packs may be picked up starting Friday, June 26th
Limited to 3 per player for the weekend.

Each Prerelease kit will come with two bonus booster packs.

For those of you that preordered Draft Boosters or Collector Boosters

If your preorder fell within the first 78 boxes (draft) or 7 boxes (collector)
you can pick up your preorders during prerelease weekend.
{Early pickup draft boosters will come with the Buy A Box promo and two packs of Jump Start *while supplies last for the Jump Start packs*}

Any preorders that fall outside of that will be able to be picked up July 3rd.

The new Chandra Spellbooks will go on sale Friday, June 26th as well.

Some dates have been mixed up and with Arena events etc, we just wanted to clear up any confusion regarding this release.

Thanks everyone!