Zendikar Rising Preorder Details!

Magic takes it’s next trip to Zendikar in September!

Covid restrictions have already determined that an in store prerelease is not happening.

However, prerelease kits will be available September 18th-20th.

They are $20ea. and limtied to 3 per player for the weekend.

No reservations or prepaying for prerelease packs.

We are now taking preorders on draft boosters, set boosters, and collector boosters!

Draft Boosters are $90. The first 120 boxes will come with a Buy A Box promo and may be picked up prerelease weekend!

Collector Boosters are $225 each and will be available for pick up release day September 25th.

Set Boosters will be $115 and available release day September 25th.

***Set Boosters are not intended to be allocated so we hope to fill everyone’s preorders on release day
but there has been some caution from distribution that there may be some initial allocating of these new boosters***

If there are any allocation notices or anything that changes we will post an update on our website, FB page, and NC Gamers Guild Group Page

We expect this to be a hot release. Popular setting, standard rotating, and a glimmer of hope for stating some in store play should make for an awesome release!

Thanks everyone for all of your continued support!