Commander Legends Take Home Prerelease

Commander Legends Prerelease

Commander Legends Take Home Prerelease

Friday, November 13th

What do you have to do?

Pay your entry: $30
{Edit Note: Was $25. Grossly underestimated cost therefore the increase}

Sign up for the event in the Companion App with code: E2JWQZ

What will you get for entry?

(6) Packs of Commander Legends (to simulate a sealed pool)

(1) Bonus Pack of Commander Legends
(1) Non-Foil Promo Pack from a recent promo set (Throne, Theros, Core 2021, Zendikar)
(1) Promo Foil Sengir the Dark Baron

*This event is limited to 120 players
*No entry is official until payment is recieved
*We are only taking payment in person starting when we open on the 13th (9am).

Preorders wont be available for pick up until November 20th.

If you have any other questions feel free to contact the store at 910-497-2354.