Kaldheim Preorder and Prerelease info is up!

Note #1 We are officially opening up preoders for Kaldheim!

Note #2 Kaldheim Prerelease will be take home.

The details:

Kaldheim will be available to preorder in:

Draft Boosters: $90ea

Set Boosters: $110ea.

Collector Boosters: $225ea.

There will be 120 Buy a Box Promos

We are allocating them as follows:

Draft Boosters: 1st 75 boxes
Set Boosters: 1st 25 boxes

Collector Boosters: 1st 20 boxes

We will also be capping promos at 4 per player.

So for example, if you order a case of Draft Boosters and 1 Collector Booster that would equal 4 promos (assuming your purchase was while promo supplies were available).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Only Draft boosters can be picked up during prerelease weekend {along with only the first 10 boxes of Collector boosters}.

Kalheim Take Home Prerelease is January 29th-February 4th while supplies last!

$20 per kit.

Limit (3) kits per player.

Assuming prize boosters are allocated like the last few sets, we will be awarding (2) bonus Kaldheim Draft boosters per kit as well.

We are not preselling kits.

Those will be available starting January 29th.

Thanks everyone!