December 23rd to December 29th (feat. SCG IQ)

December 23rd to December 29th (feat. SCG IQ)

December 23rd to December 29th

Important Notes:

We will be closing early Tuesday (6pm) and will be closed all day Wednesday.
Hope the holiday is awesome for all of you.

Since we won’t be drafting Tuesday we will be doing our $8 Draft Thursday at 7pm.

Our special Saturday Magic event will be a Standard SCG IQ!
Start time is 12:00pm with a $35 entry.
Top 8 Split $1000 and Top 2 get invites.

Speaking of invites, GG’s Charlie Finnegan got his invite in a Pioneer IQ this past weekend.

Pioneer will be our Secret Lair event of the week this week once again at 7pm Saturday.

The upcoming SCG IQ Schedule is:

The next WPNQ is Standard and will be February 8th!


@6:00pm Board Game Night


Closing at 6:00pm


Closed all day for Xmas


@7:00pm $8 Make Up Draft

@6:00pm Warhammer 40k Meet Up
@6:00pm Warmahordes Meet Up

@7:00 pm $12 FNM Throne Draft!
@7:00pm $5 FNM Modern!
@7:00pm FREE FNM Standard


@12:00pm $35 SCG IQ Standard Format

@5:00pm Commander League

@6:00pm Board Game Night

@7:00pm Magic $5 Pioneer Event


@1:00pm Age of Sigmar Escalation League 1000pts

@2:00pm Heroclix Meet Up

@2:00pm FREE Magic Standard Event

@3:00pm Pokemon Meet Up

@3:00pm Dragon Ball Super Meet Up