Magic Kaladesh Playtest League info!


Begins Monday, October 24th @ 6:00pm

Ends Sunday, November 27th @6:00pm

$12 entry

(Additional purchases possible but not required)



*Participants receive (3) Kaladesh Boosters

*Players build a minimum 30 card deck from those Boosters

*Take a League Score Card to track your League Games

*Score sheets remain at GG

*Play anytime at GG against other League Participants

*Players may not play the same player more than 3 times during a League week

*Each Monday of League Play after the first (10-31, 11-7, 11-14) Players may purchase an additional booster to add to their pool.

*Players may also purchase an additional booster to add if they lose 3 games in a row

*Players must log at least 20 games for their league card to be scored for prizes at the end of the league (11-27)


Construct (25+ Games Played): FREE $5 Standard Event Entry


Assembly Worker (10+ Wins):  Kaladesh Booster


Artificer (20+ Wins): FREE Tuesday Draft Entry


Inventor (Most Games Played): Kaladesh Deck Builder’s Tool Kit


Aetherborn (Most Different Opponents): Kaladesh Bundle


Gearhulk (Most Consecutive Wins):  Choice of Pre-release Foil Gearhulk


Planeswalker (Most Total Wins): League Champion Mat + FOIL Chandra, Torch of Defiance