WPN Premium Status Update

WPN Premium Status Update

I just wanted to inform everyone about our update from WotC about our premium status that we’ve been working so hard towards.

We. Got. Premium.


We got premium!!!

We are learning more about what that means and will pass that along as we can. For now just know, we will have a cool sign, and will be tagged as a premium store on the new event and store locator. We will eventually have access to premium exclusive products and events.

It means more work maintaining our status and improving whenever we can, but we aren’t afraid of hard work when it’s for the amazing community that at least in part calls GG home.

Thanks to all of those that have played here, worked here, and helped us to always grow and move in a positive direction. I just hope everyone knows how much we appreciate you and how important you have all been and will be going forward.

This is for all of you.

Thanks again!