Pathfinder RPG

Attention RPG Gamers!

Gamers Guild would like to invite you to run your campaign here at GG.  Nearly everyday we have space available to you and your group.  Any group that runs its game here at GG at least twice a month will receive an additional 10% discount off of all RPG materials!  Play here and Save here!

Please email Garrett @ to register your group and to set up your gaming sessions!

Groups currently registered @ GG:


Looking for a home game?

If you are looking to game at home and need more players or a DM, let GG assist you.  Email us or message us on the Gamers Guild facebook page and we will post your group’s contact info in the store and on the web page.  Many of our players are military so we understand that some groups are in constant flux and we want to help!

Current Groups looking for players:

Adrien Ennis (
4th Ed. or Pathfinder players needed for home game in the Fayetteville area. 
Sessions will be every other Saturday.  Please email Adrien for more info.